Please chance!

<p>Hey everyone!</p>

<p>I'm an international student from Europe, and would like to hear your opinion!</p>

<p>GPA: 9.86/10 (do my senior year in a high school for gifted students, with the most challenging curriculum in the country)
Ranked 1st out of 60 (class is really small, because all the kids are very carefully selected)</p>


<p>---Silver Medal, International Contest of Math and Literature
---2nd Place, International Contest of Creative Writing
---2nd Place, International Contest of Scientific Research
---Gold Medal, National Olympiad of Linguistics
---3rd Place, and Special Award of the Jury, International Olympiad of Linguistics
---1st Place, National Olympiad of French
---The Excellence Award of the Ministry of Education, granted for promoting the country's image in the world through the success achieved at the International Olympiad of Linguistics
---Member of the Olympic Team of my country for French.
---Member of the Olympic Team of my country for Linguistics.
---President's Volunteer Service Award.
---3rd Place, National Festival of Patriotic Poetry
---Honorable Mention, National Contest of Literature
---Special Award, Regional Contest of Poetry
---2nd Place, Regional Conference of Applied Science
---Excellence Award, Regional History Conference
---The Most Active Student Award, granted for remarkable academic performances and outstanding extracurricular involvement, Regional Award Ceremony in Education.
---Winner of the City's Scholarship, awarded for excellence in education and remarkable results achieved at national and international competitions.
I received the award three consecutive years.
---Student of the Year Award, granted by the high school for the highest academic results, extracurricular activities and the outstanding performances demonstrated at national level.
I received the award three consecutive years.</p>


<p>---Editor, National Magazine of Culture and Creative Writing (the magazine won national awards)
---Author of two soon-to-be-published books:</p>

<p>1) The first book concentrates on the political development of my country over a period of twenty years. (political essays)</p>

<p>2)The second book features poems awarded at different literary competitions, as well as new ones.</p>

<p>---Reporter, National Broadcasting Company , the Studio for Adolescents
---Deputy, Youth Parliament of my country (participated in the writing of several social projects of national significance)
---Exchange Student in USA, full scholarship awarded by the US Department of State (one of the 40 students selected out of 1040).
---Volunteer, National Media Project (wrote the script for a short movie promoting human rights)
---Founder and President, Regional Future Leaders School
---Author and Organizer, Regional Project ''Simulation of the European Parliament'' (students from more than 16 high schools involved)
---School's, Delegate,Regional Youth Council (got the Council's Excellence Award for the implementation of several youth projects)
---Participant and Speaker, International Training Course regarding Politics, full scholarship awarded.
---Delegate, International Model UN Conference (wrote a concrete strategy for accelerating a country's progress through overcoming economic obstacles)
---100+ hours of community service while in US (President's Volunteer Service Award)</p>

<p>Also, I have published articles in more than five different national magazines and newspapers. My activity as a writer has been reflected in a book published by one of these magazines.</p>

<p>99.9999999999% chance to get in. please don;t worry</p>