PLEASE! chances at Duke

<p>I wanted to know what my chances are as of now for Duke University. I have always wanted to go there since freshman year, but I do not have any legacy at any school in the US as my parents are from South Africa.</p>

Unweighted: 4.0 (our school does not weight)
Rank: 1/350
I am taking 2 AP Courses and 5 AP Courses next year (this may not seem like a lot, but I am taking all the courses my school offers). I go to a highly-regarded public school.</p>

680- CR
720- M
670- W</p>

- Vice President of Advisory Board for my city (appointed by the mayor)- 3 years
- Vice President of TeenLink (a youth suicide/crisis line open nightly from 6-10 pm, have contributed over 300 hours so far)- 3 years
-Editor (and hopefully editor-in-chief next year) for our nationally recognized school newspaper- 2 years
- Relay for Life Logistics Coordinator/Team Development Coordinator (helped raise the annual donation total from 20,000 to over 50,000)- 3 years
-Track Team- lettering this year (as a junior)- 3 years
-BRIDGES Leader (advisory period student leader for a class of 20 high school students)- 1 Year
- Summer Volunteer Program- summer volunteer program, contributed over 500 hours in the past 5 years.
-Voted to join "Natural Helpers" program at high school- 3 years</p>

1 of 1,000 students nationally selected to take International Chemistry Exam
Have a 3-week internship at a Harvard Lab this summer</p>

<p>I am only junior, but I think I will apply to Duke ED (the acceptance rate is 40% compared to 20% RD). Do I have a chance? Thanks!</p>

<p>check the Duke 2012 Official thread of who's made it this year and compare yourself to them. It might help.</p>