Please check me out, Y'all, grazie!

<p>Hello College Confidential Community,</p>

<p>I just registered, but i have been visiting this site- specifically the forums- for a while. I know this might be annoying to some, but do you think you guys could judge my application? Also, i am not sure if this is in the correct section, but it appears to have the most recent posts....Please don't automatically discount me until you read my activities etc (i have found unless you have a 34+ on the ACT people here tend to be very pessimistic) Alright, well, i'll just throw down my stats and information below:</p>

<p>Applied Early Decision to Dartmouth College</p>

<p>School Type: Private, All-Boys</p>

<p>GPA: 3.81</p>

<p>ACT: 31 (English- 34,Reading- 36, Math- 26, Science- 29, Writing- 8)</p>

<p>SAT subject tests: U.S. History (10th)- 750, Literature (11th)- 750, World History (11th)- 700</p>

<p>AP tests- U.S. History (10th)- 4 <em>note my school didn't offer an AP US class</em>,
English Language & Composition (11th)- 4</p>

<p>Academic Honors:
Cum Laude Society (11th)- Nationally recognized
Class of 1959 Award for Academic Curiosity (10th, 11th)- School
High Honors (10th, 11th, 12th)- School</p>

<p>Freshman Year: English- C+, Geometry- A-, Latin 2- B, Biology- A, Honors U.S. History- B+, Ceramics- A-, Concert Choir- A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year: English- A-, Algebra 2- A, Latin 3- A-, Chemistry- A, Honors U.S. History 2- A, Art Independent Study (Built a Guitar for a class)- A+, Honors Chambers Singers- A+</p>

<p>Junior Year: Honors English- A, Honors Pre calculus- A, Physics- A, Honors World History- A+, Honors Chamber Singers- A+</p>

<p>1st Quarter Senior Year: AP English- A, Honors Calculus- A, Physics 2 (Applied Physics and Design)- A+, AP World History- A, Honors Chamber Singers- A, First Nights (music history)- A+</p>

<p><em>As you can see i have a big upwards curve in both grades and skill level</em></p>

<p>Class Size- 59
Class Rank- top 10%</p>

<p>Arts Supplement:
Theater- A snippet from when i played George Gibbs in Our Town</p>


<p>Theater- I have been on the government of the theater activity for all eligible years, and i am now the <em>President</em> of the acting group. Also, i have received the highest honors in theater at my school.</p>

<p>Student Guides- The first junior officer in its existence, and i am now the <em>President</em> of the Student Guides group.</p>

<p>Singing- I am the bass section leader for the Honors Chambers Singers, and i am also the bass section leader in the a capella group, The Hilltones.</p>

<p>Guitar- I have played guitar for seven years, and i also have been building guitars for 4 years.</p>

<p>Community Service- I help feed and support impoverished families in Philadelphia via the Interfaith Hospitality Network (i have been involved for about 8 years)</p>

<p>Job- I work as a counselor at a Performing Arts Camp</p>

<p>Sports- I run Cross Country and play Golf</p>


<p>3 teacher recs that were apparently very good (i am not allowed to read them)</p>

<p>1 Peer Recommendation- My friend, who applied to Princeton, told me it was one of the best things he has written. (not allowed to read)</p>

<p>2 <em>Unsolicited</em> letters of recommendation from 3 very esteemed Dartmouth alums (3 alums because 2 of them are husband and wife, met at Dartmouth, and wrote the letter together). They both told me that they wrote very highly of me and made it clear that Dartmouth would benefit greatly from accepting me as a student. (not allowed to read)</p>

<p>1 apparently great college counselor rec (not allowed to read)</p>

I wrote my activities paragraph about my experiences with Players and acting- very solid piece of writing.</p>

<p>I wrote my Common App essay on my experiences with building guitars- all of the college counselors here read it and said it was superb. Also, it is a really uncommon topic, so it won't be killed by "genericide."</p>

<p>I also included a picture of the guitar i built for school credit at the bottom of my essay; it is my piece de resistance and is very visually striking and compelling.</p>

<p>General things:
Want to study- (Economics, History, Native American Studies)</p>

<p>Sorry if this is way too much information, but i figured i would give you everything about me so that you can make an accurate assessment of my application/chances. I would appreciate any and all feedback very much. I love Dartmouth College and the surrounding area more than anywhere i've ever been, so i really hope that i am accepted; it would be the biggest accomplishment and most joyous moment thus far in my life.</p>