Please Confirm...10,000 RD Applicants?

<p>I spoke to the admissions office last week as there was a discrepancy in my application. The lady on the phone informed me that they were busy processing over 10,000 applications...could this be true? In the past the most applicants Reed has had in combined total of ED and RD is close to 3,000. I have trouble believing that this many high school students have even heard of Reed, let alone applied to it.</p>

<p>I seriously doubt that 10,000 students applied. It could have been a mistake on her part, or she could have been exaggerating. She could have said, "Like, a billion people applied this year." That doesn't mean that a billion people actually applied.</p>

<p>It wouldn't surprise me if Steve Jobs' death raises awareness of Reed somewhat, but 10,000 seems way too high compared to the usual 3,000 of the past.</p>

<p>I doubt Reed really received 10k applications, but we'll find for sure once Reed releases its data set at the end of the year.</p>

<p>There were definitely not 10K applications this year, I can assure you. The admissions office here would have to take over all of Eliot Hall and hire several dozen angry goblins to read all of those.</p>

<p>i did hear there was in increase in applications this year............ (???!!1)</p>

<p>(but that would mean over a 300% increase from last year.)</p>

<p>There has been an increase in three of the previous five years; it's not unusual.</p>