Please defer me!

Ok, this may sound weird, but it's a long story. I really like UPenn and so I handed everything (except for Part 2 of the application), such as rec letters, school report, etc. to my teachers and everything, telling them I'd apply ED. WEll, I haven't exactly changed my mind, but I just wanna be able to see where else I'd be able to get into, just for kicks,.. if you know what I mean. Yeah, some of you prob. say I shouldn't apply ED if I weren't 150% set on Penn, but still... </p>

<p>SO... I sorta wanna get deffered and then later accepted (yeah I also know that's hard to do)</p>

<p>Ok, so here it goes:
I'm asian
GPA (as of end of Junior year): 4.356 Weighted or (unofficially 4.0 UW)
Unofficially, I am top 1% of my 310 student class (unreported)
SAT: 770 verbal
780 math
SAT 2's:
math 2 c 780
writing: 750
chem and bio: 740
PSAT total: 220
AP scores:
US History - 4
Chem - 4
Eng. Language - 5
Biology - 5
Total AP's by graduation: 10</p>

Ping pong Club: 11,12 President, Started and got money for tables
Classboard: 9-12; Treasurer Jnr yr; Graduation committee snr yr
Math Team: 9-12; division winner; 3rd in region
Interact Club: 11,12 Member, did some community projects
Boy's volleyball 9,10,11,12 Varsity during 11 and 12th grade -NOT recruitd
PSAT semifinalist
Leadership Academy Scholarship (2 wks to CO)
Travel SCholarship to Costa Rica (2 wks)
Outstanding academics from Board of Ed.
Volleyball oustanding team players award
and other small stuff
JObs and stuff:
Assistant researcher in Dept. of Family Medicine
Worked in IT dept. of a law firm
Own not-much online business thingy
Private tutor
Volunteered as a tutor at comm. centers and pub. library</p>

<p>Alright... well let me know what you think for:
UPenn ED (at M&T and then Wharton)
Columbia SEAS</p>


<p>actually you might not want to be deferred, because it's just like getting rejected. Some people are deferred because they're applications aren't complete, so they get another review the second time. most people get deferred because they simply aren't good enough. besides, when regular admissions come around, the people always look at the deferred students last in case so there isn't much room yet anyway. i've heard that the deferred admission is something like 2-4%. it's just like getting rejected...</p>

<p>in terms of stats, i think you are good enough to be accepted. i'm sorry to hear that you'll be going to</p>

<p>Yeah... but where do you think I should apply instead of UPenn... I guess it's never toooo late</p>

<p>You know, more often than not you have to tell posters they probably won't get in. Go figure, someone who probably will get in doesn't want to!!</p>

<p>no no... it's not that I don't wanna get in... but just that it's alluring to know what other colleges have to say to u.</p>