Please don't feed the trolls

<p>I see people being like “1200 SAT 3.2 UC GPA and I got into davis/irvine/sb!” or w/e. They’re trolling. Stop paying attention or rage getting. There is plenty of rage to be had already with some applicants having a 3.7 and 1900 getting into UCB while people with a 4.3 and 2200 SAT get rejected.</p>

<p>OP got rejected from Cal.</p>

<p>lol truth, but I didn't want to go because pre-med there is too intense for me. I actually have reasonable grounds for appeal but I realized I need to focus on getting a really high GPA without working 24/7 and that doesn't seem possible at UCB. </p>

<p>The example came to mind since my friend got in with those stats and was teasing me today >_<. I'm not actually raging that hard since tbh I have crappier stats than some people who got rejected from schools I got into. I was creating this thread after being sick of all the threads saying "laurd 3.4 in at UCB!" which basically consisted of tons of replies saying "NO WAY, I GOT REJECTED WITH <stats>! BS! /rant"</stats></p>

<p>OP is now rationalizing about how he got rejected from Cal.</p>

<p>When are people going to understand that despite general trends, when it's all said and done college admissions are very much an unpredictable game (this works both ways)</p>

<p>I don't know why.. but i'm laughing -_-' sorry.</p>

<p>who cares ? it's funny when these prestige whores get kicked in the balls once in a while.</p>

<p>^ lol truth. </p>

<p>Though in a way, it is sad too. Imagine working so hard to get that GPA up that high and working off hours of EC's and studying for SAT and ACT's and then watch while you lose your spot at your dream college to someone who got stats that are not even close to acceptable. I can understand why someone would be upset.</p>

<p>Paulinea, you're missing the point. Dream college and be bummed, fine. But don't go *****ing or crying about it, because it's your fault for being so unrealistic in the first place. You do the best you can and take what you get...getting in as an undergraduate is the first step of MANY. Pretty sad to see people blowing their loads on it.</p>

<p>"OP is now rationalizing about how he got rejected from Cal. "
lolwut? Rationalizing how I got rejected from cal would be saying that it was because of some damn racists or something. Or how they're rejecting the best students. I was saying nothing of the sort. I already know why I was rejected, scheduling conflicts, 4x4 schedule and adhd all contributed to a meh 4.2 GPA and ofc my EC weren't good enough. That said, I'm glad I didn't obsess over my EC, was so sickening to see people angrily volunteer to clean up a beach for college/play a sport just to try and get accepted. To clarify, if you're having fun with your EC, great. At my school a lot of people were spending 10 hours a week on EC stuff they didn't want to do for college.</p>

<p>I definitely agree with aaronjv15, crying over being rejected? That's quite extreme. How will these people react when they don't get their dream job? or get a C? If they're that emotional/high-strung I doubt they'd survive at w/e top school they had their eye on. </p>

<p>Unless you're shooting for a top law school undergrad doesn't really matter. That said, look at our current president. Occidental isn't bad by any means but it's certainly not as prestigious as columbia. If you're that motivated you can and will transfer to a "better" school. Something rarely discussed for unknown reasons.</p>

<p>OP, no use crying about it now. The UC's probably saw something in those people that they did not see in you. They make mistakes and are sometimes a tad biased, but that's life. Face it, you weren't good enough.</p>

<p>Lol, well I am not crying. I got into my dream school with a 1440 SAT and 23 ACT which is UCSD. I'm just trying to say I see both sides of it.</p>

<p>"OP, no use crying about it now. The UC's probably saw something in those people that they did not see in you. They make mistakes and are sometimes a tad biased, but that's life. Face it, you weren't good enough. "</p>

<p>Er, I'm not crying about it. I don't understand why you continue to misinterpret my posts. I acknowledge my EC wasn't as extensive as it should be for Berkeley. I regret nothing. I do not derive my self-esteem from whether or not I am accepted at a college. </p>

<p>I haven't been planning on going to UCB since I talked to various doctors about their undergrad experience there. Speaking of which, my blood work came back today. I may have lupus. There are worse things than getting rejected from a top college.</p>

<p>Just thought this might cheer you up.</p>

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<p>OP, he's not misreading your posts. He's mocking you. ******.</p>

<p>The original poster seems like the biggest troll. To those that got in, the college wanted you. To those that didn't, the college didn't. UCB gets applications from many of the greatest students in the country. They don't just want good grades and test scores, they want leaders. That's why so many notable people come out of the top schools. The best schools don't want some bookworm who will leave college and become a follower. They don't want the groundlings who won't accomplish. They want people who will add to their list of notable alumni.</p>

<p>Get over it everyone, the idiots with lower grades and test scores than you, but higher leadership potential will get into the better schools. Why else would they make you write essays? They want to know who you are in order to predict if you're going to cure a disease or move back in with your parents.</p>

<p>Oh hey, another troll.</p>

<p>Ever heard of "tongue in cheek?" LOL</p>

<p>I am serious when I say **** happens and life sucks. Sometimes the under-qualified win. Sometimes people like clam fart get into Yale. That's reality. As bleak as reality looks to some, most of us Cal rejects were accepted into other schools. Even the least respected UC's are among the best public colleges in the country, so another UC isn't a bad option. It's likely that the troll feeders who didn't get into Cal, but deserved to, got into a comparable or even better school anyways, so it's not like they're completely ****ed out of a good education.</p>


<p>I got into UCLA and Berkeley with a 2.4 weighted GPA, 1610 SAT, no EC's, and I'm white.</p>

<p>^ Lies. haha.</p>