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<p>Assignment: …In your opinion, should high school students be required to pass two years of a foreign language in order to graduate? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Schools all over America implement an unfair rule that states high school students must take two years of a foreign language to graduate. The rule should not be viable as learning foreign languages is a waste of time to those who do not wish to learn them. American high schools students do not require knowledge of a foreign language to lead successful lives and it will be more beneficial for students to take classes that can be profitable for the future.
The number of people who speak English in the world is enormous compared to any other any language, with approximately twenty five percent of the human population speaking it. That being said, it is very unlikely that an English speaking person will need to be able to speak any other language; however, the question of outsourcing remains. American businesses are currently outsourcing many jobs to other countries, such as India, and the subordinates may be overwhelmed by the language barrier. It may seem daunting for an American to live in a country without knowing the native tongue, but it is actually quite facile. In fact, one of India’s national languages is English. Every year, my family and I travel to India for vacation to meet our many relatives; and during every trip I talk more in English, than in my mother tongue, Bengali. It is especially surprising to witness my cousins who listen to more American hip hop than I do. This shows that the American culture is diffusing rapidly and the language is spreading with it as well. As the prevalence of language spreads around the world, technology gives rise to competition. In our world today, time is not to be wasted with trivial things. The time unwilling students take to study a foreign language should be dedicated to another, more useful subject. A future engineer should take extra math classes, a destined scientist should study more science, and a to-be art major should learn more about art. Students should have the freedom to acquire the knowledge they need to live life to the fullest. Unless one’s passion is studying foreign language, he or she is wasting time, and our highly competitive society does not give any leeway for that.
As mentioned, with English spreading as fast as the bubonic plague, learning a foreign language is not necessary. High school students can intake more valuable information during the two years they are forced to study a foreign language. While foreign languages may seem important to learn if one moves to foreign country, it is very likely that the citizens of that country are fluent in English. In the competitive world of today, a student should not be required to take a foreign language class unless it is their passion.</p>