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<p>“When you’re frightened, don’t sit still, keep on doing something. The act of doing will give you back your courage.”-Grace Ogot, The Promised Land</p>

<pre><code> Perhaps the most difficult challenge for a person is to face fear and build enough audacity to replenish one’s panic with valor. The inspirational American tale of the two imprisoned mice trapped within a bucket of cream displays the bravery needed to defeat fear. The United States of America, before winning its independence, was frightened and faced a similar task as the two mice did; overcoming anxiety and achieving prosperity.
Conceivably, the simplest explanation for why the tale of the two mice is delineated to millions of children around the globe is because this story can metaphorically pertain to any man or woman in any general situation. Within any condition, there are always two paths in which one is failure and the other is prosperity. The tale begins with the two mice wandering on a path and suddenly the mice are trapped within a bucket of cream. The cream acts as an obstacle for the mice in which the protagonists must somehow build courage and face their fear of death. The first mouse accepts his faith and does not bother to fight against the cream. However, the second mouse realizes that there is a way out. With all its audacity and fortitude, the resilient mouse turns the cream into butter and runs off into prosperity. This stimulating tale gives hope to all men and women that as long as one never loses their courage, anything or anyone can be defeated.
During the early stages of the 16th century, the United States of America was known as the thirteen colonies that served as “puppy states” for Great Britain, until several individuals inspired a nation to grow courage and win independence from a much powerful population. As more people began to travel to the colonies, these persons felt the religious freedom and privileges that Britain did not offer. Such persons as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington inspired the others that feared to face their mothercountry and the thirteen countries entered the Revolutionary War. Had it not been for the nerve and bravery of such individuals, America would not have been able to face its fear and ultimately win its independence.
Fear is often very daunting and difficult to overcome, but is plausible through courage and valor. The examples of the two mice and the United States show readers that defeating fear is credible. Although mettle is not easily gained, with diligence and cleverness anything can be possible, one just has to believe.

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