please grade my sat essay out of 12 ! :D

<p>Prompt : Each fresh crisis we encounter is an opportunity in disguise.</p>


<p>Most of the America, if not he entire world would agree that only problems result in the production of a solution. Development takes place only when challenges are encountered , which lie within itself hidden opportunities. Each fresh crisis we encounter is an opportunity in disguise. This can be well proved by examples from history ,Steve jobs' life and my very own personal experience.</p>

<p>An example which illustrates that challenges have within them hidden opportunities is that of Rosa Parks , who got jailed herself but led to an uprising causing the civil-rights to be granted in 1965.
The Civil Rights movement was inspired by rosa parks . While she was traveling in a bus she refused to give away or "surrender" her seat to a white person . Consequently this resulted of her being arrested and jailed .
Which caused a spark in the people's heart for they very own rights. Martin Luther king was also inspired and called for a peaceful protest , soon after the government had to accept their demands ant the civil rights were granted to the public in 1965.</p>

<p>In fact, the life of well known inventor and visionary Steve Jobs also illustrates that failures are indeed an opportunity in disguise . In the year 2000 , which were the early years of Apple his company suffered losses and was considered to be on the verge of collapsing. Consequently a no confidence motion was passed against steve and his direction which led to his resignation from his self founded company. Resigning from one's own company would be treated as a great failure . However , this happened to prove the turning point in his life . The off gave him the opportunity to produce myriad in vent ions and ideas , to of which Pixar Studios is one .</p>

<p>Yet another illustration that certifies that; crisis is the synonym of hidden opportunities ,is illustrated by my personal experience. During the high school senior year of my high school , my batch was provided with a task of researching o H bridges in the common motor drivers. The task being quite easy, just using the computer and the internet of course , was done by just a day before the submission day and was a direct copy pasted page from the most obvious sites google and wikipedia. call it my misfortune or bad memory , I forgot to get the research paper to school . It was an inevitable crises which could not be escaped without reading the electronics book and using a pen paper and your very on brain to compile a research paper. Luckily it was to be graded and my research was the best and the most authentic amongst the other copy pasted ones , which definitely earned me an A+.</p>

<p>As seen in these examples of history , social life and personal experience it is certainly proved that every unknown circumstance we undergo paves a way for our own success by a hidden opportunity . Sir Charles Browning rightly said
" The harder the challenge the more glorious is the triumph. " </p>

<p>500 words is the target. You hit 509, so you should be good. Doing a twenty second glance over(what the actual reviewers do), everything looks in order. No obvious grammar issues, seem to use a few examples, I see some history in there.
There’s no way to perfectly predict a 12, but you should get at least a 10.</p>

<p>It’s average quality.
too much going on.
no critical thinking i.e. everything you say is stuff you can find a modern textbook
no personal voice of your own. </p>

<p>@bomerr this is a timed essay with no resources but the brain. It doesn’t need a voice or too much critical thinking to get a good score, unlike in English class.</p>

<p>OP, perhaps because of fast typing, there are a few annoying and unclear sentences or grammar mistakes. Overall, though, it looks good. I don’t think your making those mistakes by hand.</p>


<p>i’ve had “timed” essays in my English classes. I don’t expect him to quote using MLA format or anything but still I still stand by what i said. </p>

<p>@bomerr the point is this isn’t English class. This is one of the biggest complaints about SAT: the essay grading system is completely off. Based on SAT the OP can get a 10 or 11 out of 12. In class, this would be a C or B. </p>

<p>My point is, a good SAT essay does NOT need a personal voice or strong critical thinking. It needs SAT favored words, few grammatical mistakes, and a clear communication of a few non-cliche examples. </p>


<p>I think your viewpoint is rather limited. Try to put yourself in the position of the teacher or the grader. What separates an A-level essay from a B-level? </p>

<p>The poorest essays will have bad grammar, spelling mistakes, no through behind him.
The best essays will have nice grammar, good word selection, clear throughs, ideas. etc.</p>

<p>When I read OPs essays it’s somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. The reasons are:</p>

<p>Too much going on, Instead of 1 clear, cohesive essays, he has is running out of things to say and instead adding new people to talk about.</p>

<p>No personal voice & no critical thinking. Anyone in the entire world could watch a few media specials on those people and write what the OP wrote. It doesn’t show his uniqueness.</p>

<p>I would see it as a 8-9, personally. I might be being a little harsh, but there are some thoughts that go all over the place, and there are a few poorly constructed sentences. Overall, however, it is very good. </p>