please grade my SAT essay

<p>Topic : "Every fresh crisis is an opportunity in disguise"
Assignment : What are your thoughts on this?do you agree or disagree?</p>

<p>“I failed in some subjects when I was in school but my friend passed in all. My friend now works at Microsoft as a manager and I am the owner of Microsoft”, that is exactly what Bill Gates said when he was criticized about failing in school. Failing in school was like a crisis for him but it helped him to rediscover himself.
It is only when the country is struck by a crisis that the Government comes up with new resolutions which are very helpful in the future. It sets guidelines a country is supposed to adhere to which in the long run helps the country to recover from the crisis and reach new heights in the post-crisis period.
My friend’s father was a lethargic person. He lived on his inheritance and did not even bother to work till all the money was spent and till he had sufficient food to consume. As soon as a food crisis struck his household and all the family members could not withstand the unbearable circumstances, he pulled himself together and found a good job. This vicissitude of life pushed him to work hard. The crisis was indeed an opportunity in disguise
It is absolutely true that desperate situations render people desperate. It is only when people have a wispy bit left and only when they look at the well off and rich people wistfully that they actually try to rise above the ground and put their potential to the best possible use. One who has not felt the fear and bitterness of failure would never understand the sweetness of success.</p>

<p>5 out of 12</p>

<p>10 outta 12.</p>

<p>you put in wonderful examples and showcased a wide vocab...if only you could insert in a small introduction and elaborate just line or two more on the first two examples, you'd get a 12 for sure! best of luck for your future SAT :)</p>

<p>i doesn't desrve more than 6 because it's short but your examples are perfect so if you could make it a bit longer you would get more & more .</p>

<p>Thank you so much :) i'll put in more effort the next time</p>