Please Help a College Junior Select a Canadian College to Attend

U of Toronto (Scarborough)
McGill University
McMaster University
University of British Columbia
Carleton University

Please help :smile:

Have you been admitted to all of these?
What’s your budget?
Why Canada?
What major?

UBC and McGill are clearly the best ones so if you’re asking, you have other questions than prestige, what are your criteria?


UBC–a great university-- because Vancouver, British Columbia is gorgeous & has nice weather. Otherwise, Toronto or McGill because both are well known & well respected in much of the world including the USA.

What is your situation? Have you been admitted to any of these? Where are you from?

All of them will be academically very good.

McGill, Toronto, and UBC will be the best known outside of Canada. All are well known in Canada. I sort of suspect that outside of Canada the distinction between the Scarborough campus of Toronto versus the main downtown campus might be lost on most people.

McGill is right in the middle of Montreal, which is a very interesting place to spend four years. There are all kinds of things to do nearby. If you want a bit of nature, Mount Royal Park is very close by. You can get by okay with only English in the area around McGill although of course Montreal is a majority French city.

UBC is in a small forest right on the western tip of Vancouver. It is close to downtown, but has the forest, a botanical park, and is surrounded by beaches. On a clear day you can see mountains which are not very far away. The winters will be warmer than the other schools, but it will rain a LOT – being just above freezing and raining does not actually feel warmer compared to being well below freezing and sunny.

I do not know much about the Scarborough campus of U.of Toronto.

McMaster is right in the middle of Hamilton, which is a pleasant mid sized city. However, I cannot think of what Hamilton is known for.

What do you want in a university? What is your intended major? Are you Canadian (citizen or permanent resident)? In the unlikely case that you are French the prices will vary quite widely between these schools (McGill gives a break for citizens of France).

College junior? Are you transferring? Please explain.

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