Please Help: a senior's future in applied math

<p>Hi everyone, I started this thread because of my increasing anxiety over my future after college. </p>

<p>Let me start by going over my college situation... I just finished my 7th semester at UConn and am currently pursuing a BS in applied math. When I entered college I was enrolled in the engineering school for the first 2 years, but I switched out of mechanical engineering in what I consider one of my greatest regrets... I planned to reapply for engineering at the beginning of this year and stay a 5th year to finish that degree. However, the school raised the minimum gpa for admission and I didn't make it in.</p>

<p>Moving onto the present... I plan to finish an applied math BS and graduate in the 3 semesters. I have never really been interested in graduate school, instead I would prefer to obtain a good paying job in the city after graduation, living comfortably while working. I still wish to follow up on my interest in engineering, but from here I'm not sure how. Are internships/job opportunities in engineering available to applied math majors? I have always been under the impression that applied math degrees are easily marketable, but is grad school something necessary for work? I'm not sure of all my options and would really appreciate some advice and direction. Thanks alot.</p>

<p>no one? i’d really like to know what professional opportunities are available to me.</p>

<p>Applied Math with a heavy emphasis on computer programming = marketable. </p>

<p>Applied Math with multiple actuarial exams passed = marketable.</p>

<p>Applied Math w/ good GPA from Harvard = marketable. </p>

<p>Otherwise, math is a fairly “meh” degree in terms of job opportunity. </p>

<p>I would try to pick of a computer science minor.</p>

<p>i see… i’ll definitely look into a cs minor then.</p>