Please help! Chance me?

Can yall please chance me/ help me with what im supposed to do next? Im a first generation college student so please bare with me:

  • In state
  • 3.73 WGPA
  • Top 9% of HS Class -Wont take SAT until Oct. 7th
  • EC: NHS and Student Council
  • Over 150 Community Service Hours
  • Active in Church Community

-If it takes at least 10 days for my SAT scores to come back, will i still be able to apply on time?

  • If im in the top 9 % will my SAT scores even matter
  • Im trying to get into nursing school
    -Academic Rigor

Thank yall so much. God bless

You’re an automatic admit at Texas State with your ranking. Your SAT score doesn’t matter. Apply now. You can always send your scores in a little later to qualify for merit scholarships.