Please help, chances?

<p>Hi, i was wondering what my chances were of getting in to Brown University. I am completely in love with the school, campus, and selection of majors/classes, but I am really discouraged because I have a very low GPA (3.1 unweighted) I did terribly freshmen year, and now i am ranked 29th out of 330 students
Currently as a junior i have taken all honors/aps possible for my school(AP history and AP english)
My extra curriculars are:
-Allstate band 3 years so far, ranked 14 in state for clarinet
-Piano (played since I was 6, did a Virtuoso club for 3 years, and I volunteer every spring/winter/summer break at a shelter to play for the elderly)
-After School Band/Orchestra program
-Varsity Field hockey 3 yrs
-Varsity Outdoor track 3 years (coaches award)
-National Honor Society
-Volunteered at a pharmacy lab for 3 years
-Attended the Annual International Society of Toxicology conference to present 2 projects of data
-Attended the 2011 Regional Society of Toxicology conference to present
-Volunteered at a hospital for 2 years
-Class historian for 3 years
-Volunteering in tutoring program at school
-Amnesty program at school
-Writing a newspaper series with published in Asia about american culture vs. asian culture (new article every month)
and my sat scores were a 2295</p>

<p>will these extra curriculars really help me or will I still have no chance?I am just really frustrated and upset a bout my GPA and I was wondering if my SAT scores, a good essay, and extra curriculars/letters of rec. would help
please help, I am really discouraged and upset right now</p>

<p>It’s impossible to get 2295 on the SAT. Do you mean 2300?
If it’s so, then you do not need to worry about your score.
However, your GPA is very likely to harm you, even if you did a outstanding job during your senior year.
Your EC’s are definitely fine (I suppose).</p>

<p>oh oops! sorry about the SAT score, i meant a 2260, not 2295! ha
if i could get it up to a 3.7 would that be enough to still consider me?</p>

<p>Improvement from 3.1 to 3.7 is absolutely amazing! I think in that case the GPA will no more be a serious problem for your admission.</p>