Please help ? Different name situation

<p>This is my first post here, and its about SAT's AP's Financial Aid and College Admissions all combined but I decided that it had most to do with SAT's. I will be a Junior this coming fall and i am taking the october SAT.
and I used the name Min-Joo J Park to register
but on my AP's I used Min Joo Park
so no dash and no middle initial
so should i call collegeboard and have my name fixed to the name that i used on my AP's? (Legal name: Min Joo Park)
i did use my social security for both so the probably know that i am the same person..
and will this affect my financial aid and college admissions if the name on my SAT and my Passport and everything is different? My legal name at school is Min Joo J Park.</p>

<p>I know this is a novel of a question and a confusing one at that, but help would be totally appreciated. thank you :)</p>

<p>*name is made up for protection of privacy, but its the exact same idea :D</p>