Please Help--ed Deadline In Under Two Weeks

<p>White Male from Massachussetts</p>

<p>GPA 3.9 Competitive and well known high school
SAT 1470 750V, 720M</p>

<p>AP's Taken
AP US History
AP Environmental Science
AP Psychology
AP English
AP Economics
AP Calculus</p>

Varsity Golf
Varsity Lacrosse
Political Action Club/Harvard Model Congress (Vice Pres.)
International Relations Club (Model UN)
Mock Trial
Mentors in Violence Prevention
Volunteer at local hospital past 3 summers
Ski Club (president)
Peer Mentors
Summer Job-Lifeguard</p>

<p>Well thats not as in-depth as my resume but it should give a general idea. My school is pretty well known by colleges as being very competitive. Each year several students are accepted to Ivies. I'm trying to go for the whole political science approach as you can probably tell from my clubs.</p>

William and Mary (ED)
Boston College
U Richmond


<p>Is william and mary a good ed choice for me? ill be sending my application out within the next two days.</p>

<p>anyone anyone?</p>

<p>Its hard to make a decision when you have posted so little. For example, what were your AP scores? What awards have you received? What is your class rank?</p>