Please help edit, short essays for apps

<p>need help with short essays. here are the directions and what i have so far. i believe </p>

<p>On a separate sheet of paper, please answer both questions below (maximum of 250 words for each answer). Be sure to include your name and U.S. Social Security number, and staple the page to the back of this form.
• Describe your intellectual interests, their evolution, and what makes them exciting to you.
• Consider the academic programs in the school/college you indicated above. How will you utilize them to further explore your intended major or field of interest, or general academic interests if you’re undecided?</p>

<p>My intellectual interests are focused primarily around engineering. I have always liked to design and build and wish to continue to do so. Mechanical engineering is appealing to me because I am interested in its applications. One of the applications of mechanical engineering is its role in designing robots. I first encountered this pleasure when I received my first LEGO MINDSTORMS kit. From the kit, I was able to make programmable robots that were only limited in capability by the LEGO pieces that I owned. My creations brought me unlimited joy as I watched them perform their duties. Mechanical claws gripped, conveyor belts moved, gears turned, and sensors activated, all on cue. Thus with each precise movement, my perfect job revealed itself through the form of molded plastic pieces. After the experience of creating robots, I knew that I wanted to be the builder. I wanted to be the person who creates the claw and arm or the drive chain system. I wanted to know why such and such happens when this gear turns or how this energy gets transferred. I not only wanted to build, but I found out that I would rather understand, and through complete understanding would I then be able to achieve greatness. </p>

<p>Upon entrance to the School of Engineering, I will surely get my money’s worth out of my classes and research. This is my investment, and I have no desire to pay for an ordinary college experience. I will milk out every opportunity to explore my field of Mechanical Engineering. I plan on being someone who asks rather than being someone who just listens. I also plan on being an active member of the community, joining clubs like Cornell’s ASTROS, DARPA Grand Challenge, Mini Baja, and Moonbuggy. I may even go the full length and start my own club. Besides fully utilizing Cornell’s engineering classes and clubs, I will also make my presence a familiar sight around Cornell’s engineering library and research labs. Thus, I will make the most of my Cornell experience and further explore my field of interest at the same time, by taking an active role in the community, and making good use of Cornell’s excellent research facilities. </p>

<p>i would really appreciate it some comments and suggestions.</p>

<p>I had one of those Mindstorm kits as well. Didn't play with it much. That's why I'm a bio major I guess.</p>

<p>hmmm, that would make sense. Mindstorm is great</p>

<p>oooh.. i always wanted to buy that mindstorm kit... I've heard it has an API which you can use to program it on C/C++.. truth? if so I'm buying it next day =)</p>

<p>C/C++ im not sure, but i know there are other computer coding that can be used to help with programming</p>