Please help! Financial Responsibility Statement


Maybe someone know this. I am a transfer student and deposit my college on June1, however on first week of July was accepted by good ranked University and deposit it too. I nowI trying to figure out how much credits they will transfer. The thing is that they covered 100% of tuition by grant, scholarship and so on. I read here that I need to accept scholarship from my final choice. But now this U when I going to portal ask to agree with Financial Responsibility Statement. Is it mean that I accept their scholarship? Will this hurt me somehow if I go to first college after agree with that?

Thanks in advance

Please read the statement. When you sign it, you will be agreeing to the things outlined in the statement. Because this has to do with agreeing to financial obligations, it is extremely important that you understand what you are signing. Please ask an adult in your life to read it with you & to help you understand it.

Hello! I’m a green-card holder but never lived in US before, and my parents stayed in Europe and they even don’t speak English.

Financial Responsibility Statement

Terms and Conditions for Course Enrollment/Registration
*I understand that by enrolling for classes at the U NAME, I am responsible to pay any and all tuition, fees and/or any other miscellaneous charges assessed to my student account. I agree to and accept financial responsibility for all charges on my student account. I promise to pay the U NAME the full amount of my student account balance when due. Circumstances warranting education and other services through a virtual or other format that is not in-person, as determined by the University in its sole discretion, shall not in any way reduce or extinguish my promise to pay my student account balance in full.

Than is said about Campus Tuition and Fees; Payment Plan; Third Party Agreements; Collections; Authorization for Enrollment Registration; Severability.

By signing the statement, you are agreeing to pay any amounts owed to the school. This includes for tuition, fees, housing, meals and any other bills. If you register but drop classes, you may owe based on the school’s policy related to withdrawal from classes. If you receive financial aid, there are withdrawal rules for that, as well. Basically, the statement indicates that you are aware that you are responsible for paying money to the school when you owe it. I would encourage you to reach out to the school’s international student office to ask any questions you may have. While you are technically a U.S. permanent resident, you are actually an international student (except that you won’t be on a student visa). You should be on the international student office’s list of international students.

Hello! Thank you. But isn’t this a treaty when I accept scholarship ? Or if I not register, won’t they billed me? I don’t know how to ask them and afraid. Because they can said why am I ask, I can’t say about second college, right? Best regards

I worked in higher education for years, so please believe me when I tell you that colleges are not looking for ways to turn you away. They want you to understand everything they send you. You will not jeopardize anything by asking the international office for help. If you don’t start asking now for the help you need, you will not be successful in school in the States. Please reach out to the international office as soon as possible and ask them any and all questions you have.