Please help find more match schools

I’m interested in STEM and engineering, thinking about majoring in CS. I don’t really have a preference for size or location, just mainly about the eng/CS programs. Cost is not a factor but I’m an unhooked applicant.

My matches so far include Drexel, Case Western, Syracuse, (maybe) Lehigh, U of British Columbia (Canada). To be honest, I decided my “matches” based on my school’s acceptance history - making sure I was around the 50th percentile in terms of stats (is this how I should do it?)

Could anyone give me some schools I could look into that are similar in acceptance for STEM as the ones listed? I’ll also appreciate any comments you may have!

Based on your interests, you would seem to be well-suited to RPI. For a school similar to Lehigh, look into Union; for a school similar to CWRU, look into URochester.

Stevens Institute of Technology