Please HELP!!! I missed the application deadline!!

<p>I know it was my fault for procrastinating...but my damn computer</p>

<p>I had everything ready to send for my Duke early decision application at about 11 pm of 11/1- i know its late and I will take fault for that
so i sent it and it came up with something like you filled in the name for parent 1 so you have to complete the grad school information for parent 1
i was dumbfounded because i clearly filled in everything
it took me a good 20 minutes to figure out the problem- a conflict with my mom's college in China
so i fixed it and when i was going through just to check everything one more time...blank
my computer froze
i waited a few minutes to see if it would unfreeze, but it didn't and even when i tried to press the shut down button, it didn't work.
i was forced to take out my battery..and here comes the real problems
i restarted and after what seemed like hours my computer loaded and i had five minutes left.
In the end, i was able to send my application late, like 12:10 pm</p>

<p>Will Duke notice that I am late- and would they really mind
aren't they still accepting apps from the West Coast (because of the time change)</p>

<p>Duke is not open now, but should i call them on Monday and tell them my situation or should i just hope that they don't care</p>

<p>Please help!! thanks</p>

<p>Someone just posted that colleges will accept it as long as it's submitted in a reasonable amount of time. Hope they accept it, and if they don't you'll just have to move to RD.</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat and am totally confused -- I live in CA and am applying to Stanford, so theoretically I can turn in my app "3 hrs late" with the time-zone differences. I uploaded my app at 11:50PM EDT on 11/01, well before 11/02 on the West Coast but... it still says that the download date is 11/02!!! I'm so frustrated, especially because not only is my application "late" but one of my teacher recs isn't even showing up! I thought the system was just lagging, but my other teacher uploaded his rec ten minutes ago and it's fine.</p>

<p>How do colleges evaluate late apps? Do they even know that they're late when they receive them?</p>

<p>i know what you mean iprocrastinated
would they care that i applied 20 minutes late?- would they even know?
should i call them on monday to tell them my situation- i mean if they didn't know...</p>

<p>i just saw that a few parts of my common app were not there
mostly the additional information- like my summer programs (noncredit)
- do non credit summer programs really help anyway
- i did brown 2 week summer course- economics
- 4 week course in china in fudan university- to learn chinese
should i call and give them this information?
I have the same problem as you iprocrastinated
- it says my school forms are not all submitted
- and there is a red arrow next to my payments- even though it says submitted</p>

<p>anyway should i call on monday or not?</p>

<p>btw, how did you fix the china problem? my parents went to college in china too and i couldn't get the CEEB code, so i listed their colleges on the additional info section instead...</p>

<p>i think for the china/other country problem, you click on the link below that says "not listed" or something, and as long as you have the country it shouldnt' matter.
someone should check me up on that one, but that's what i did, and it left it alone.</p>

<p>yup same here
any advice whether or not i should call?</p>

<p>I don't think you should call; even if you do, it won't make a difference. If Duke accepts your application as Early Decision, then great; if they don't, your app will just be sent into Regular Decision, and your phone call won't change a thing. Plus, if you call them, they might think you're a procrastinator--NOT an impression you want to make. Better just hope they don't notice.</p>

<p>November 1st is actually a "soft" deadline for most schools. If you get something--anything--in by then, they'll create a file for you. The rest of your application then just needs to get in by the hard deadline: November 15th for many.</p>

<p>thanks, ok so i wont call...
does anyone know if non credit summer programs really help that much
2 week economics course at Brown
4 week course in Fudan University in China to learn chinese
this was deleted from my additional information
do they help that much? should i just forget about them?</p>

<p>My guess is that adcom won't pay much attention to the 2-week Brown econ course. The Fudan Chinese course is more of a commitment. To the extent that your application emphasizes your interest in China or international experience, taking the course is evidence of that interest.</p>

<p>thanks, well i guess ill just have to leave it out, whatever if i don't get in i don't get in</p>

<p>How do you submit if you missed the deadline. I cannot sleep. I thought I had submitted my son's common app. Well now I think it did not take, because I had not sent the supplements. All the supplements and payments were made one arrow, but the common app did not go. Do you really think they will accept my son's ED and EA applications if all but the common app was sent. How do you sent the common app if they will not submit?</p>

<p>You can call the school and explain the situation and see what they say since the supplement and payments were made on time. </p>

<p>When you submit the common app and supplements to a school, the common app sends an email to the email address on the app that whatever was sent was sent. That is how you really know it has gone to the school.</p>

<p>The date time stamp on the comon app is eastern time no matter where you are or where the school is. In the case of Stanford it was due 11:59 pm on 11/1. We submitted at 11:45, but date/time stamp lists submission as 11/2 2:45am. I emailed Stanford and received an immediate auto generate message to subtract 2 hours from the time listed as your submission time on the common app. They must be innundated with worried students/parents asking the same thing. In the case of Stanford as long as you submit before midnight Pacific you are golden.</p>