please help! important question about financial aid for transfer

<p>hows it going fellow cc comrads? (cheesy, I know)
I am a freshman at a good private university and but I am looking to transfer out due to some personal circumstances. My question is that I have a large amount of financial aid for my education and I would just like to know if at least the federal part of it would transfer to my new college given that my financial circumstances remain the same. please help me if you can because this is something that could decide where I end up applying to! thank you soo soo much in advance</p>

<p>If you continue to be eligible for a Pell Grant, you will get that. You will also be eligible for a Stafford loan. All other federally funded financial aid (ACG, Work study) is awarded by the colleges and the money is limited for both. If you transfer, your new school will determine if they have the money to award you these.</p>

<p>Do you mean that you were a freshman last year and or are you an incoming freshman? I don't think ACG money is campus based or limited, but this is the last year for ACG anyway. SEOG and Perkins loans are campus based and funds for those are limited. If you want to apply for a transfer then you should do so but, if possible, I'd wait to make a final decision until the numbers are in and you know whether you'll be able to afford the new school. Make sure you meet all the FA deadlines for the school you're considering and provide them with anything else they need like verification paperwork. Good luck!</p>

<p>ACG is ending this academic year as noted. So if you are transfering for next year, it won't be available at all...anywhere.</p>

<p>What federally funded aid do you have that you hope will be available at your new school?</p>

<p>What is in your aid package at your current school?<br>
What types of grants are in there and for how much?
Pell grants?
ACG grants?
SEOG grants?
Fed direct loans?
State grants?
Institutional grants from the school?

<p>What is the cost of your current school (not just tuition. how much is everything?)</p>

<p>What is the cost of your future school?</p>

<p>What is your EFC?</p>

<p>Will your new school be in the same state?</p>

<p>I kinda have almost everything..hahaha. I have a pell grant which is my largest at 5550 or somethin like that, then there is my SEOG grant whic is 4000 and then my ACG which is 700 smackeroos..
also I have federal perkins, stafford(subsidized, unsubsidized), work study and a parent plus loanof a total of some 12 or something thousand( I kinda lost my aid letter =0) the rest is covered by scholarships and university cost of attendance is a total of 40000 and I am as of right now fully covered...the cost of attendance at my new school(havent decided where to apply yet) is roughly about the same but I have either a friend or a relative everywhere Im looking to apply so the cost of room and board is zero evverywhere(one of the reasons I want to transfer)....
o yeah, sk8ermom, im gonna be a freshman this year(incoming)
soooo which of my aid will transfer guys? and thanks a million for all the replies =)</p>

<p>Your Pell grant will continue.</p>

<p>I don't know about the SEOG. Don't think that is an entitlement. May be up to the school and may not be available to transfer students.</p>

<p>ACG is being discontinued after this year.</p>

<p>your university grants and scholarships will not continue.</p>

<p>your work-study amount could change.</p>

<p>Your Parent Plus loan can be gotten from any school, but will your parents continue to qualify for that amount (or more) each year? Usually kids who receive Pell Grants don't have parents who can afford to borrow a lot in Plus loans.</p>

<p>If your new school uses CSS Profile, then you don't know if your "family contribution" will change.</p>

<p>I don't think you should assume that you can live with others for free. </p>

<p>I would NOT cut my ties with my current school until I knew FOR SURE what kind of aid I was getting at my new school. Transfer students usually get less aid.</p>

<p>ok, so my pell grant will transfer and my SEOG might right? and my stafford loans too? sweet! thats 10000 already...and yes I will wait until I get my final FA package that I will make my decision, my new university might give me some more if I get a good GPA right?and about staying with my relatives and stuff for free, yes I can do that...they are practically begging me to come stay with them. I'm pretty tight with my realtives and friends, almost like fathers and brothers to awkwardness.....</p>

<p>The Pell should stay the same as long as your financial situation has not changed.</p>

<p>SEOG is campus based. This means each school gets $xxx to award and once it is awarded they have no more. Each school sets their own criteria for awarding it and also their own maximum. Both of my kid's schools require a 0 EFC (though that does not guarantee receiving it - my daughter received it for 2 years but did not get it this year even with a 0 EFC, not sure why). Even if you get it it is likely to be less that the $4000 you are currently getting as most schools set their maximum SEOG lower to try and award it to as many eligible students as possible before they run out of funds. For instance at my daughter's school the maximum SEOG is $2000 but at my son's it was only $200. </p>

<p>ACG for a sophomore is $1300. It and the SMART grant program are "sunsetting" after the 2010-2011 school year so will not be available in 2011-2012.</p>

<p>Perkins loan is also campus based so again funds are limited and the schools decide how to award it. My daughter has had SEOG every year but the amounts have varied from $200 to $2000.</p>

<p>Work Study is also campus based.</p>

<p>Stafford loans you should be eligible for the same amount ($5500 for a freshman, $6500 for a sophomore).</p>

my SEOG might right


the SEOG is likely to be lower if you get it. Most schools do not give $4000 SEOG as the funding is so limited.</p>

<p>well yes I did have an EFC of 0 but that was only because I lived in another country(even though am a citizen of U.S) and my assets were non verifiable and only my fathers income was father has some useless plots of land hes willing to sell to pay for my college, so you can say I can pay roughly 20000 for college and I only need around 10-20k in if my pell grant remains the same, and I get a reduced seog grant then at least 7000 is covered, plus a further 6000 in stafford loans, and if I get like a GPA of 3.6-3.7(my current uni is a toughie) I might have a good chance of getting aid from the uni I transfer to.....ill let you know how it all goes and just wish me luck for it! please keep posting if you have any further advice for me and thanks again for all your responses! oh and just one more thing, d'you guys know that f I apply as a transfer I still do have the option of staying at my current uni right? or will they just kick me out? if i can stay there will my FA be affected by applying for a transfer?</p>