please help, important question on changing majors from the one listed on application

<p>so i wrote down a major on my application that i could do but dont think i want to actually do. it was just easier to write my essay with this major. I put down math, but think i actually want to do economics or undergrad business. Since math is still in the college of LSA, i figrured that if i get in i could just change my intended major without a problem later, but my counselor told me that it would create problems. is this true, anybody have any comments. For other schools, is it generally a better policy to put undecided if you are not very certain of what you wish to pursue ( i mean does it affect, say, your first year class placement or options)</p>

<p>It doesn't matter. They just want to get a general idea - and probably use it for marketing purposes also. Many, many students change their major.</p>

<p>As long as it is in the same school (LSA in your case), you are 100% OK! Michigan, like 99% of the universities out there, does not officially expect you to declare your major until your Junior year.</p>