Please need of advice

<p>Ok, I know their are TONS of these threads out there, but I still would like your help.</p>

<p>Can anyone give me a list of BEST SAT and ACT books out there? or that have helped them?</p>

<p>Any advice is appreciated.</p>

<p>princeton review helped me get a 2200</p>

-Princeton Review or the Collegeboard book itself
-McGraw Hill</p>

<p>Princeton Review for sure, I barely read the book and it boosted my scores rigorously</p>

-McGraw Hill


I disagree with this. McGraw Hill Tests are ridiculously easy. You'd be better off getting the Real ACT Book and maybe Princeton Review.</p>

<p>LightSource is right in that the Real ACT book is the best source, but I honestly found that McGraw Hill helped me a lot for the real ACT</p>