[PLEASE HELP ME] Any scholarships for current undergraduate International student from India ?

Hey guys,

So I’m currently doing my undergrad at UNLV in Vegas and I’m an international student here, I will finish my freshman year at the end of this spring semester and I currently have a scholarship given to me by UNLV but I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose it since I have not been able to maintain a 3.0 gpa last semester and I think the same will happen this semester.

I have many reasons as to why I have not been able to maintain a 3.0 but I don’t think there is any point in mulling over the past now. Here are some of my scores:

12th from CBSE India- 91%
SAT score - 1660
TOEFL score - 110
Current gpa not including spring semester - 2.22

One of my grades from last semester would be replaced this semester so the gpa would bounce up a bit but as I’m already on scholarship probation from last sem, the uni will forfeit the scholarship after this semester.

I was wondering if anyone knows about private or goverment or any kind of other scholarships that I might be eligible for ? I’m going to work very hard to pickup the pieces as best as I can but after losing this scholarship I’m screwed and it’s going to be really hard to pay $12.5k for each semester.

Just to clarify, I’m currently on a F-1 visa and doing my undergrad at UNLV, the course’s name is BSBA and my major is Pre-Business.

Any help would be immensely appreciated and I hope to get a few responses so I can cover some cost of the tuition.

Thanks a lot.

Yikes. Scholarships are usually for students who are achieving well. In addition, there are precious few for students who are not incoming freshmen.

I hate to say it, but your best plan might be not returning to college next term, as you have two terms of GPA which do not meet the bar for continued scholarships.

Can you enroll in a college in India to complete your undergrad studies?

Do you mean U.S. government scholarships? For a non-citizen? I don’t think so. Private scholarships are most likely to be based on academic performance, so that’s a tough one too.

Thank you for your reply.

That 2.22 will recover as my math grade from last semester would be replaced but I’m not hopeful that I’l be able to pull off a 3.0 this semester. The scholarship policy says a person should have a 3.0 cumulative gpa each semester but what about other prospective scholarships ?

I would have to change everything and move back to India, that would be the very last option and I personally would rather not do that. I can still continue to pay for tuition but wanted to know if there was anyway I could later get a scholarship after I pickup my gpa. I’ll also be taking 1-2 classes this semester to boost my gpa and get more credits.

And yes, I was wondering if there were some special scholarships with the us goverment. Another interesting thing that crossed my mind was private scholarships for certain people, like someone I know told me he got a scholarship for being left handed and it was surprising but wanted to know if there were these kind of scholarships for people from India.

Thanks again, appreciate your help.

You need to walk over to financial aid and see what your options are.

The U.S. Government does not give scholarships for college to folks who are not U.S. citizens.
Actually as n international student, you are not eligible for any U.S. government funded aid including grants, loans no federal work study.

Are there any other options, I thought the govt wont help a non-citizen but wanted to confirm that.

Why should US taxpayers give away their hard earned money in the form of tax dollars so a below average international student who could afford school with out aid can save some money?

You are correct. Go talk to the financial aid officers. They might like it if your grades are headed up.

@twoinanddone Yeah I’m gonna do that after my finals, I calculated my grades and still have some hope I can pull off a 3.0. Going to go all out in the next few days so let’s see how it goes. Thanks for your reply.

As all of the other posters have mentioned above, scholarships are extremely limited for everyone but especially for non-US citizens. Even worse, after freshman year, there is nothing that will cover full tuition and full fees.
If you find another scholarship for a left-handed person, you may want to jump on that. Generally, those scholarships won’t cover a full tuition and might be for a few hundred dollars.

Looks like you will have to pony up the money, or make plans to complete your degree in India.

Can you speak to your teachers and get guidance in pulling up your grades especially given your situation.