Please Help Me Choose My Classes By Filling In The Blanks

<p>Background Info:
I want to attend Ivy schools and other top schools. I want to major in field of science, maybe something to do with Biology. By the way, Math and I do not get along. I get As, but i really have to work for it.</p>

Pre-AP English 1
Geometry Honors
Bio Honors
AP Human Geography
French 2

Pre-AP English 2
Alg 2 Honors
Chem honors
AP World
French 3 honors
AP biology
AP environmental Science </p>

AP lang. and Comp
AP Chem
AP French

AP Lit
AP Calc AB
AP Macro/US Gov't

<p>Classes that can fill in blanks: AP Euro, Anatomy and Physiology Honors, AP Psych, Physics Honors, AP Physics B, AP Stats, AP Comp Sci (really dont want to)</p>

<p>There are six blanks and seven potential class options. If you don't want to do Comp Sci, then just fill the rest in according to your own wishes.</p>

<p>I don't see any point in taking Anatomy and Physiology if you're taking AP Bio. At our school it is seen as a lower, albeit differently focused course compared to AP Bio.</p>

<p>Oh yeah! You could also self-study AP Psych to take the other classes as well. AP Psych is seen as one of the easiest APs to self-study.</p>