Please help me choose my major!

<p>I'm stuck between political science/economics/business... I have a lot of social science background so that's why i'm leaning towards political science. But I do want a major that will lead to a high paying career... For this reason, I might want to go into business BUT then again I refuse to settle into a cubicle type job. I actually really want to go into med school and study dermatology, psychiatry, or anesthesiology but I am not really sure how to go about studying for these undergrad because I really don't think I'd get into pre-med based on my background... I haven't taken any ap science classes. I was also thinking of studying neuroscience? But I don't want to be stuck doing all research... Does anyone know of what type of professions can come from this?</p>

<p>Anyways I'm in desperate need of help...</p>

<p>A quick check on pre-med requirements would probably start you in the right direction.
For med school it doesn’t matter what your major is so long you fulfill the premed requirements.
If you want to get into med school your high school grades don’t matter. They don’t even look at them… Pick a major you enjoy and get good grade.</p>