Please Help Me find a School!

<p>Hi. I currently go to a very small, unrecognized school in Delaware. They accept almost everyone regardless of test scores and hs GPAs. Anyway, I am desperately looking to transfer. I really want to go to a school recognized for business. Location isn't really a big deal for me since my options are very limited. My first semester I ended up with a 2.89 GPA. I got a B in English, a B in First Year, and and A in Math. I got a C in Economics and a C in intro to Psych. My C in economics was due to me not managing my time correctly, had I done that I would have had an A.(I literally had all As on assignments). Psych, I have no excuse for, its just not for me. This semester I got all A's and one B+ and my second semester GPA is a 3.75. My cumulative GPA is 3.2. I took a HUGE step out on faith and applied to both Duke and Penn. I was rejected to both. I also applied to IU, Bentley, and Emory. I need some help figuring out what business schools I can apply to for the spring semester. Thank you!!!</p>


<p>What do you mean by "unrecognized" school in Delaware? That it is small and unknown? Or that it is not accredited? That is an important distinction in terms of this conversation. I will assume it is accredited. (If it is not, then you have major problems!)</p>

<p>The 3.2 cumulative gpa is very underwhelming in terms of transferring into a "recognized" business program. I am not familiar with east coast business schools, but I believe for schools out west such as USC, Berkeley and SCU, transferring into the business school usually means at least a 3.7 and having some powerful ECs as well.</p>

<p>I think your strategy needs to be looking at solid business schools--but not necessarily the elites. You got turned down from the elite schools (so far) and this trend will probably continue because you are competing with transfer students that have a 3.7, 3.8 and higher gpas without any glitches on their transcripts.</p>

<p>That all said, if you listed a few states that you are looking at, maybe someone else might be familiar with the business schools that are within your reach gpa-wise. (It is far too much to expect a poster to think about schools from 50 states--too random and time consuming and not very well targeted realistically to what you might actually consider.)</p>

<p>^Its a university. It is just very small and not well known. My SAT and ACT scores werent the best either. You think if I retake those over the summer it will somewhat help my 3.2 GPA? And when it comes to states basically, Cali,NY,Boston, ATL, Florida, anywhere in the midwest(I applied to IU) and south. I hope this helps some.</p>

<p>@transfer0: You should look into applying to The U of M- Twin Cities Carlson School of Management. It's a top notch business school with tons of opportunities, awesome networking, and it's in Minneapolis/St.Paul. But the U is really huge but the CSOM isn't , I think. But it's quite selective. But if you meet their required courses and improve your gpa, get involved I'm sure you'll have an awesome shot!</p>

<p>I think you should wait until your soph year and apply as a jr transfer so you'll have a better shot! Your HS record & SAT/ACT scores wnt be as heavily weighted :) penn & duke are a crapshoot to get into..especially as a don't feel bad. I know that Emory's Goizueta is hard to get into as well..but there's no harm in trying. But their b-school is only for jr/sr</p>

<p>good luck! :)</p>

<p>Bryant University - 73% of transfer applicants accepted</p>

<p>Northeastern University - 49% of transfer applicants accepted</p>

<p>You may also want to look at the Space Availability Survey, as schools with space are more apt to be looking for transfers than freshmen: Space</a> Availability Survey Results 2011</p>

<p>How about some state schools near Delaware: Rutgers, Penn State or Maryland? They all have very good undergrad business programs. Rutgers has a very active transfer program, as many NJ residents start out at CCs and transfer after 2 years, as Rutgers now accepts all CC courses.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! Also, will it help any if I retake the SAT and/or ACT?</p>

<p>njmom-I will look into both Rutgers and Maryland. I'm pretty sure Penn State only allows transfers who will be entering as juniors. I can't go back to my institution</p>

<p>Most schools don't care about standardized test scores by the time you've completed two years of college and won't even ask for them, but retaking them certainly can't hurt.</p>