Please help me find a school....

I’m having a really difficult time narrowing down which schools to apply to. My grades etc. obivously limit my choices quite a bit, so I’m really not sure as to schools I’m capable of getting into.

I don’t have my transcript, so I can’t be too specific, sorry.

Freshman year-All IB classes and requirements, Art 1
Sophmore-Combination of honors and IB courses, Photography 1
Junior-IB english, AP Environmental Science, Hospitality Leadership (block class), Art 2, Service Learning
Senior-English 101, Economics Honors, Trig/pre-calc, Hospitality Internship, Art 4 AP, Service Learning 2

SAT:1160, although I am retaking in November and am confident that I will be in the 1200’s.

I have been in standard math courses all 4 years, and have fluctuated between 3.5-3.8 GPA. I have been involved in a lot of community service for the past two years, and am passionate about art (few awards), although I am not looking at art schools.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what schools I have any chance of getting into that would be a decent match for me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks

(ps-What do you think would be my absolute furthest reach shcool?)

<p>Also, I'm not really looking at any specific majors, I just want a school with a good reputation, preferrably smaller to mid-sized. A good arts program would be a plus, as well. I'm open to everything though...</p>