Please help me formulate a final list!!!


<p>18% out of 1140 students at a competitive high school in texas.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 4.1-4.2-ish
Unweighted: 3.0-3.6 (no clue how to calculate this)</p>

<p>SAT: 1320 (700v 620m)
SAT IIs: Not sure yet...</p>

<p>ACT: Taking on saturday, hoping for a 32+</p>

<p>AP Classes taken:</p>

<p>AP European History: 5
AP U.S. History: 5
AP Human Geography: 5
AP World History: 4
AP English Lang/Comp: 4
AP Music Theory: 3
AP Government: (Taking this yr)
AP Economics: (Taking this yr)
AP English Lit/Comp: (Taking this yr)
AP Psychology: (Taking this yr)
AP Statistics: (Taking this yr)</p>




<li>Placed 1st in my heat in the Guitar Center sponsored "Guitarmageddon" and placed 2nd in the north houston area. </li>

<p>-Received a scholarship to attend a 5 wk summer program at the Berklee College of Music - Placed in all level 4 classes (4 is the highest) and received predominantly "As"</p>

<li>Will be sending in an excellent demo.</li>


<p>-Concertmaster in 9th grade
-Played in full orchestra in 11th grade</p>


<p>-Played on the AA Jr. Aeros - led the team in assists one year, travelled all over north america, drove 2+ hrs round trip 5 nights a week to practice.
-Been on the Varsity roller hockey team for my high school since 10th grade, our team won the city championship twice.</p>


<p>-Nominated to be the co-ambassador for France.</p>


<p>-Coordinator of the "governmental affairs" section of our school's amnesty group - participated and wrote letters for all sorts of issues (Darfur crisis to the death penalty)</p>

<p>---Literary Criticism Team---</p>

<p>-Asked by my AP english teacher to be 1 of 3 on the school's state-ranked literary criticism team. </p>

<p>---Council of International Affairs/Houston World Affairs Council---</p>

<p>-Internships at Vasmark and Utilipoint, 2 public relations firms in houston - served as a "research analyst."</p>

<p>-I'm applying ED II to Vassar and 2 alums and former admissions officers wrote me a letter of application.
-My other 2 letters of recommendation will be from my AP english teacher (the one who asked me to join the literary criticism team), and my AP European History teacher who is a georgetown admissions officer and former CIA.
-My counselor rec will be excellent
-During my junior year, I severely broke my leg in a hockey game and was required to wear a halo with 13 external pins for 4 months. Because of this, I missed 3 weeks of school (on block scheduling, so this is equivalent to approx. 5 wks). Thus, I got an 83 and 84 in AP US History (5 on the AP exam) and a 73 in pre-ap physics... My counselor will address all of this in the letter.</p>

<p>*I'm looking for liberal arts schools, preferably in the northeast. Im looking for somewhere that manages to maintain a decent social scene in conjunction with top notch academics. I'm not opposed to public schools though, and while i tend to favor the northeast, its not a big deal - i'll go anywhere.</p>

<p>Schools i've looked at so far:</p>

<p>-Vassar (applying ED II)
-University of Texas (Austin)
-University of Washington in St. Louis
-University of Vermont</p>

<p>Im in need of some safeties/matches? Anyone?</p>

<p>You have some excellent schools on your list. University of Vermont is a safety for you and a solid school. Vassar ED II is a good strategic move for a male student with your stats, but your GPA/SAT are light. A very strong ACT would be helpful, but a 1320 SAT/32+ ACT, while not an unheard-of combination, is relatively uncommon. </p>

<p>Additional information on your academic and career interests might help posters make some very specific recommendations, but based on your existing list, here are a few less-selective LACs for you to investigate. Only a couple are in the Northeast, as in general Northeast LACs are more selective than their academic peers in other parts of the country. (Note that more selective does not mean better.)</p>

Skidmore (like Vassar, very receptive to qualified male students; D3 hockey)
Lawrence (like Oberlin, fine LAC with excellent music environment; D3 hockey)
St. Olaf (ditto Lawrence description)</p>

Hobart & William Smith
Allegheny College</p>

<p>I second Skidmore and Lawrence - good academics combined with good music programs.</p>

<p>a couple of matches (with hockey)</p>


<p>I also concur concerning Lawrence and St. Olaf</p>

<p>UT all the way Baby!</p>

<p>Check out Denison. Like Kenyon, it's a very good LAC in the midwest. It would be a safety for you.</p>

<p>I'd like to suggest:</p>

<p>Trinity College
College of Wooster
Lewis & Clark
John's Hopkins
Connecticut College
St. Olaf
Wheaton (MA)
Trinity U. (TX)
Franklin & Marshall