PLease Help me GEt a good Score


<p>My SAT scores were:</p>

<p>Math:660 (dissapointing as hell!)
CR: 710
Writing: 630 (8...shocking.!! i normally do well on essays)</p>

<p>i really want to get an 800 in math and at least a 750 in Reading and 700 in Writing</p>

<p>Im taking the test in october..any suggested up my scores </p>

<p>btw my math II was 790....i dont know how my SAT 1 math is so low..on practice i do well generally aside from stupid errors..</p>

<p>that is because math II has a huge curve (790 means like 7 questions wrong) whereas math I basically has no curve (660 means like 7 questions wrong). and that 630 wasn't really affected by your 8 on the essay, i got a 6 on my essay and a 710. if you use the SAT official study guide well, i think you can surely get 800/750/700</p>

<p>I think essay is only worth 25% of WR score. </p>

<p>Hey, you have it easy. Think about it this way: 660 => 800 is a lot easier for Math than CR or WR.</p>

<p>I think the advice is usually the same for everyone. For math, take practice tests and try targetting the types of questions that seem to confuse you. Aside from the blue book, I think it's really helpful to have to supplementary books for the specific sections. Math ones often teach you efficient ways to tackling some questions. For CR, I honestly think just doing a lot of passages is useful. I improved from 700 to 780 by just practicing (over several months). For writing, the specific study books for that usually show you the most common grammar mistakes on the SAT. I found that useful. Basically, take advantage of your time and practice ;)</p>

<p>Read the sticky and go though the BB. That's all there is to it.</p>