<<<<<Please HELP me group---safety/match/reach>>>>>

<p>Hi, I'm trying to divide these universities into 3 groups.

<p>American U
Baylor U
Case Western Res. U
Fordham U
George Washington U
Lehigh U
Pepperdine U
Rensselaer Polytec I
Southern Methodist U
St Louis U
Stevens Inst Tec
Texas A&M U
U Illinois Urbana
U Miami
U Minn Twin Cities
U North Car Chap Hl
U Notre Dame
U Rochester
U Southern Calif
U Texas Austin
U Tulsa
U Washington
U Wis Madison
Worcester Polytec I
Yeshiva U
(these are the schools that dont require sat 2, or the ACT)</p>

<p>i'm a rising senior and my stats are: </p>

<p>GPA:3.5 (IB diploma until gr 11), BUT in gr 12, I will be taking all regular courses. aiming for gpa of 4.0, all courses over 95%</p>

<p>SAT:2100 CR:630 M:800 Wr:670</p>

<p>(my school does not rank) approximately top 10-20%</p>

<p>lots of EC including MVP in volleyball gr9, setting city record in track and field, tons of volunteer hours.</p>

<p>assume that essays, and recommendations will be good.</p>

<p>:):):) thank you for your help :):):)</p>

<p>...Please try to cut some first. 25 is a bit excessive, and it would take a long time for us to accurately chance you for each one. </p>

<p>You need develop a clearer view of what you want before you can determine the best safeties, matches, and reaches.</p>

<p>That said, I'll be nice and start you off with some examples (approximate though, I'm guessing)..</p>

-Case Western


-Notre Dame

<p>With your stats, 2 safeties, 3 matches, and maybe 4 reaches would be good. Since you're pretty much guaranteed in at safeties, you don't need more than a couple. So a few solid matches, and a handful of reaches should be the bulk of your list.</p>