Please help me!! It's urgent.

<p>Hey guys,I am writing my ACT test this December, but in my country neither the Real ACT test book is available nor any other preparation books are available. So, I'm in serious need of the real tests.(I've practiced the free ACT test of if any one of you have the real test that are provided to your school( I heard that in US act Inc. provides some retired test to the schools) please email me. I hope you will be taking me positively. Please help me with the preparation materials. Please!</p>

<p>well, google ACT pdfs and download them</p>

<p>I assume you have google access in your country?</p>

<p>Also, you can go on and order the real ACT book and have it shipped internationally to any country in the world</p>

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<p>Here are the links to two pdf ACT practice tests from previous years, hope this helps.</p>

<p>@Maryjane69:I actually don't have a credit card to order book from the amazon.
@angehere: thank you for the links. Guys if anyone of you have more tests, please mail me. Please!</p>

<p>ACTs for 2009, 2011, 2006 are all different forms and avalible to download as PDFs for free online through google.</p>

<p>@maryjane69: Thanks. I've downloaded those.
Anymore tests guys?</p>