Please help me. My names on the transcripts are all different...

<p>Hi i am a senior in high school who recently sent Early decision and Early actions to schools.
the thing is that i have two names, one in korean and one in English : Yosup and Joseph.
I thought that both of my names were legitimate and put Joseph for Collegeboard ID and common app and put Yosup in some of the supplements....and my legitimate name turns out to be only Yosup....i sent an email to collegeboard to change my name but the common app, i dont know how to fix this problem.
ive already sent applications to 3 schools and turns out NYU hasn't got my sat score because my name was different...</p>

<p>how should i fix this problem?</p>

<p>Just send an email to all of the schools and tell them what you have written here. This sort of thing happens all the time. Once that have all of your names straight, they will be able to find all the pieces of your application.</p>