Please help me select colleges to apply to!

Hey everyone! I am a current high school senior from India, and would really appreciate some advice on colleges to apply to. My SAT Scores, ECs and GPA are, i feel, within the range of top universities.
I plan to take business majors in my undergraduate years. However, I am aware that most top universities don`t really offer undergrad business courses, and the closest you can get to one is economics, thus I wouldnt mind that. But I would definitely want to pursue a degree in Computer Science alongiside if business majors are not possible. I am also interested in studying International Relations, Political Science etc.
What I look for in a college, is definitely extremely good quality education, teachers, course, etc. However I lay alot of emphasis on the people I would be with, i.e, the crowd I would encounter in the university. I wish to be among friendly yet competitive individuals who would always strive for the best and work hard. I also look for a lively college environment, with plenty of Extra Curriculars/Clubs going around campus.

Keeping this in mind, what universities would you suggest me to apply to? I am looking for top ranking colleges in the streams I have mentioned, plus the specifications listed above

My current list is:

UPenn (First Preference)
UC Berkeley (2nd)
Cornell (Should I?)
Dartmouth (Should I?)
UVirginia (Should I?)
UChicago (Should I?)
Northwestern (Should I?)
One more UC (Which one?
UIUC (Should I?)
UT Austin (Should I?)
Notre Dame (Should I?)
Purdue (Should I?)
USC (Should I?)

Any additions? Any removals? Your time and input will be highly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Are you looking for financial aid? What can you afford?

Well financial aid would be preferred, but can afford otherwise @N’sMom

If your priority is business then your list should read as follows. However, you didn’t post your stats so there is guessing about where you can get in.

Penn, Notre Dame, Cornell, Michigan, NYU, UVA, Emory, Wash U, Boston College, Villanova, Indiana, Wake Forest, Richmond, Lehigh and Bucknell.

Some are state schools where you won’t get a penny and will have a harder time getting in.

If you want to overdose on school spirit and old fashion American college fun, then Notre Dame, Michigan, Indiana, Boston College and UVA are the way to go.

I realize some international students have different views about top schools, but this would be how we see it for business, although the list is not complete.

Thanks alot @BatesParents2019 ! That wass really helpful! :slight_smile:

anyone else?

I would think about your list strategically. If you apply to Penn ED, you can also apply to to some or all of the following schools at the same time: Indiana (you might be a direct admit into Kelley if you can figure out how to get a GPA from your school), Villanova, Michigan, UVA, Purdue, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago and UNC-Chapel Hill (early application deadline is usually Oct. 15th). That way, even if you don’t get into Wharton, you will more than likely have some acceptances in your pocket by December and can decide which additional schools to pursue in the RD process. Check out the schools and see which ones interest you, which ones have difficult applications (UNC has a few additional essays and it can be difficult to meet the deadline if you don’t plan ahead), which ones are common app schools (Wisconsin and Indiana have separate applications) etc. Then, spend time thinking about your essays and trying to present an application that gives the schools a true flavor of what motivates you and makes you someone they want on campus.

Good luck!