Please help me think of some good colleges

<p>3.0 gpa
very tough courseload compared to almost e1 at my school, but not sure of rank.
28 act
lots of ec's and volunteering
pretty good essay and recs.
want a medium sized school, preferably in a suburb!
suggestions please!</p>

<p>well if you truly are a "BC wannabe" it will be tough with a 3.0 but you still have a chance. brandeis would be another reach. what are you looking to go into? do you want a liberal arts college or a university?</p>

<p>what about Northeastern, American, UMASS, UCSC, University of Miami.</p>

<p>maybe College of Charleston</p>

<p>yeah BC would be a reach. How about looking at Northeastern, BU, Emerson, Babson, Bentley, Suffolk or perhaps a few more. They all are located near Boston and all have a campus except for Northeastern and BU. There are a few schools that offer great business educations (Bentley & Babson), while others offer greate science programs (BU) and communications/film at BU and Emerso.</p>

<p>Hope this helps</p>

<p>Are you only interested in Boston schools? If not, some to consider might include: Villanova, Elon (NC), College of Charleston, Trinity U (Texas), University of Redlands (Calif.), University of Puget Sound (Washington), University of San Diego (Calif), Santa Clara U (Calif), Manhattanville (NY), Wagner College (NY), Drew University (NJ), Quinnipiac College (CT), Marist (NY), Willamette (Oregon), Rollins (FL), and many others.</p>

<p>yeah there you go all you wanted near Boston or in the U.S.? Lots of choices have fun and good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for your help guys! Well, I really like the Boston area, but am really up for anywhere...I wanna get away from Kentucky! Any other suggestions would be awesome!</p>

<p>A few other suggestions: Goucher College (MD), Washington College (MD), McDaniel College (MD), Elon (NC), Gettysburg (PA), Susquehanna U (PA), Hartwick College (NY), the College of Wooster (Ohio), Hiram College (Ohio), Earlham (Indiana), Beloit (Wisc.)</p>