Please help me! Time sensitive matter!

Hi everyone. Less than a month ago, I decided to go to UW Madison with a full tuition + book stipend scholarship. But throughout the month of May, my mind kept wandering back to Oberlin. I am an introvert, and combining that with the fact that all through high school I’ve wanted to get away from my peers, led me to think I have made the wrong decision. I simply feel that I would fit better as a person at Oberlin. I would have to live restricted, to keep my debt under 20k. I would have to live + eat in a co op, have an on campus job, and work through all of my summers. Do you think I should ask Oberlin if they’ll still have me, or do you think I should stick with Madison? Or will Oberlin even take me? In theory, Madison is better for me academically (has the international relations major and the southeast asian studies major) and financially (will graduate with under 5k debt) but something about Oberlin is sticking with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Stay wherever pays …, college is stressful enough, you do not want to graduate with a foreign language and culture major and have debt. Finding a job is damn near impossible nowadays…you can’t afford it.

I concur with LaJay87.