Please Help Me w/ Common App Letters of Recommendation Section!


I’m applying to schools through Common App and I need a counselor letter of rec and letter of recs from two of my teachers. But I’m very confused w/ the Common App interface — have no idea how to assign my teachers/recommendors.

There are three sections: Invite Recommenders, Invite Counselor, and Invite Teachers. I look at tutorials and everyone says to assign your teachers/counselors through the “Invite Recommender” button even though right below is the Invite Counselor and Invite Teacher buttons are beneath it.

I’m so confused. Can anyone please walk me through the process of how to invite my teachers and counselor to give me a letter of rec for the 6-7 colleges I’m applying to?


Invite everyone using the invite recommenders button first, and then assign to each college by clicking the invite counselor and invite teacher buttons.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!