Please help me with my transcipt problem.

<p>I spent two years of my high school in New Zealand and now I am in my senior year in a high school in the states. </p>

<p>When my counselor looked at my trancripts from New Zealand, she told me that I won't be able to graduate with those New Zealand transcripts because the state doesnt understand the transcripts so she changed NZ transcripts into a form where my state would understand and let me graduate.</p>

<p>So basically, my counselor got rid of my NZ transcripts and listed subjects and grades on my current school transcript along with my other u.s high school records.</p>

<p>I applied to some colleges however, some colleges said that they want to see the ORIGINAL transcripts for my two years in NZ, not the ones where my school changed to fit state requirements.</p>

<p>Are all colleges like this? Won't they recieve the transcript that my school changed to fit the state system? My original NZ transcripts ARE TERRIBLE and I won't be able to go to college with those.</p>

<p>So you're asking, will colleges want to see original transcripts rather than some that have been doctored up? You betcha.</p>