Please help me

<p>Hi, I got deferred from Tulane University during Early Action. My GPA is 4.83 and my ACT is 27. At that time, I was only concentrated on turning in my application rather than taking time to fill out the Why Tulane portion. Tulane wanted my first semester senior grades. I received an A-,A-,A-,A-,B- in all AP classes, which gives me a 5.8 GPA(honors scale) and a 4.97 cumulative GPA. I will send them these grades and also my Why Tulane essay. In addition, I am going to email my Tulane counselor to let her know that it is at the top of my list. Is there anything else I can do? What are my chances of getting in during the Regular Decision? All input is appreciated. Thanks.</p>

<p>I think what you have outlined is a good plan and probably all you can do. The lack of the "Why Tulane" essay probably hurt you more than the ACT score, but I think if you have a well thought out, non-clich</p>