Please help! Mgmt class

<p>This is my first post here. My friend said people are helpful here, so I decide to try it out. I am taking MGMT 127A this quarter. Prof Klein and Mori are teaching them. I can't decide which one to take because my friend told me Klein's tests are difficult and require you to think differently. Any help will be appreciated! BTW, anyone take ECON 102 with Ohanian before? do his tests REALLY consist a lot of Calculus? THANKS!</p>

<p>I never took it with Ohanian, but there shouldn't a whole lot of calculus. I'm saying that because econ doesn't even have that much calculus to begin with. </p>

<p>I'd go with Mori. My friends took Mori for 127A and Klein for 127B and they thought Klein was the harder teacher for sure (diff subject but the style of each was different).</p>

<p>I've never had Mori but I throughly enjoyed Klein's class (took him for both 127A and 127B and got As for both).
I admit, his tests are a bit difficult and require a bit of thought, but definitely doable. And he's also a great lecturer!</p>

<p>I've had Ohanian before (not for 102 though) and he was a decent teacher as well. A bit on the boring side, but his lectures were reasonably organized and his tests were more than fair.</p>