PLEASE help my find some MATCH colleges!

<h2>As I just looked through common application web site, I cannot help but get a massive headache. I have so far added 5 colleges...that are ALL high reaches for me. I need colleges that will be my match/safety. But I have NO IDEA. I think Syracuse would be a match for me (maybe?) but otherwise, I have no idea. Please help me out!</h2>

<p>GPA - uw 3.4, w 3.6
Schedule - MOST challenging - at least according to my counselor
AP: 6 (Bio, US Hist, Chem, Gov, Calc AB, Eng Lit)
Honors: 2 (Foreign Language, Eng Lang)
College Credit: 2 (Ceramics, Psychology) - doesn't contribute as boost for GPA though
Class rank: Top 20% (no specific rank)</p>

<p>SAT: 2190 (CR 740, M 730, W 720) or 1470 (CR+M)
SAT II: Math 2, Bio (expecting around 700 for all)</p>

<p>*PLEASE note, downward trend (slightly, by .1-ish). have a D my freshman year (geometry). C- and C+ from AP Bio in junior year; but with weighted, it's an upward trend.</p>

Intern - Harper's BAZAAR
Intern - (another fashion magazine)
Badminton (4 years - co-captain)
Science Club (Treasurer)
Asian Club (co-captain)
Art Club (VP)
NSLC - Public Relations</p>

<p>Volunteer: Beach clean up (3yrs), library volunteer (3yrs), and reading partner (2yrs)</p>

<p>Major: either Undecided / Journalism, Communications (but for certain, near Humanities)</p>

<li>California resident</li>
<li>Permanent resident (not citizen)</li>
<li>Asian (Korean)</li>
<li>Attending CA public school (not extremely competitive)</li>

<p>ASKING FOR 0% FINANCIAL AID - this applies to all schools, private AND public.</p>

<p>You have really great stats, and your SAT's are good. Your EC's look awesome, especially beach clean up and your internship at Harper's Bazaar (how'd you land that one?!) Some schools you should look into as possible reaches are Syracuse, American, George Washington, Boston University, Villanova University, Leigh University, and Northeastern. (Just to name a few options- use collegeboard and search for matches) Some smaller liberal arts colleges that may fit your stats are Trinity College, Union College, Skidmore College, Occidental College and the list can go on. Suggested safeties might be your state school- because you're from California and the UC system can be very competitive perhaps a CSU school might be a better option for a "safe" state school.</p>

<p>Some schools that you should also consider might be Northwestern, Wash U, Connecticut College, Boston College, and Macalester College.</p>

<p>Hope i was helpful :)</p>

<p>I'd check out USC and seconding Occidental if you'd like to stay in-state; Lewis & Clark, Willamette, and UW for if you'd like to still be close to home; and Denison, Grinnell, Oberlin, UT Austin, and UMass Amherst for further away.</p>

<p>Your SAT scores make you very competitive, and you have outstanding extracurriculars. I wouldn't worry too much! :)</p>

<p>Thanks for your input! I actually thought of BU, Wash U, and BC as reaches and have them on my Common App list already! Good to know I stand a chance, no harm in applying! Also, USC had been one of my choices as well. I'll definitely look into other state colleges/liberal arts colleges as well, thank you!</p>