Please, help needed with making a (hypothetical) college list

I need help with making a college list. This is technically hypothetical however…I know, I know, I don’t mean to waste anyone’s time but I have a bit of a unique situation.

I struggled with various health conditions through fresh/sops year (hence the username…), however, those are almost fully treated now. I’ve set myself up to receive high grades this year, but definitely no guarantees.

A little about me:
Fresh/Soph GPA: 3.4uw/3.7w
Estimated Junior Year GPA (according to me, my counselor, and parents): 3.9-4.0uw/4.2-4.3w
Overall estimated cumulative (of fresh-junior): 3.6uw/3.9w.

Practice ACT score: 30. Predicted to hit somewhere between a 29-32 with real ACT.

quick summary for EC, volunteering, awards: Marching band, jazz band, music teacher/mentor (50+ hours as a volunteer), active in BSA, Eagle Scout, 100+ volunteering hours through scouts, chess club, robotics club, etc. another miscellaneous 30 volunteer hours.

other “facts”: I wrote a full jazz chart for my jazz band, which is one of the best in my state, and we might play it this year (if we have “this” year…). Might send that into colleges. I’m very nature orientated, but I love the city life too. Coming from a competitive public high school, in a state “like” MA/NJ/CT.

Sorry this is so hypothetical! If anyone could give suggestions for me…looking for a selective LAC, anywhere in the nation.

Come back when you have actual junior year grades and actual standardized test scores.

In the meantime if you want to read up on different schools I suggest you get your hands on some good college guide books (ex. Fiske, Princeton Review, Insiders Guide).

Stop defining yourself as a struggler. The fact that you chose that user name demonstrates that your are defining yourself. Get out of that hole. Redefine yourself. Work on that first.