Please Help: Reference Letter

<p>For those past acceptees, how does the reference letter procedures work?</p>

<p>I print out the 2 teacher references and 1 councilor. Then give the papers to the teachers with a stamped envelope. They then send out the papers? Does brown confirm that all forms have been received? </p>

<p>Some questions regarding this: </p>

<p>1.How big is the envelope? Mine is pretty large, like bigger than 8.5*11 size paper. Its one of those brown colored ones. </p>

<p>2.What service did you guys use to mail? I was thinking of using a tracking service to make sure everything works out. </p>

<p>3.One of my references is my ap psych teacher, does brown see psychology as having some acedemic gravity? </p>

<p>4.Where did that "If one does ED for brown, they get 200+ sat points" rumor come from? Is this an official statement or some ******** someone cooked up? </p>


<p>The size of the envelopes don't matter. Just make sure you have enough postage for what you use. (Frankly, a business-size envelope works as well.)</p>

<p>I think a tracking service for recommendations is a bit extreme. We used this for the applications themselves, because for them there is a definite deadline. (Turned out to be a good idea, since one school couldn't find my daughter's application -- I was able to prove to them they had received it.) But for recommendations, the transcript, recommendations, test scores, etc., a college will let you know if something is missing. For instance, Brown let us know that one recommendation wasn't in their files. The recommender sent a duplicate and my daughter was admitted. (Also, wouldn't a tracking service be more work for the recommenders -- they would have to arrange for pickup. Much less work for them to drop something in the mail, and it wouldn't seem like you are checking up on them to see when they finished.) I've never heard of anyone using anything but regular mail, but with thousands of applications each year I guess anything is possible! </p>

<p>It's been awhile, but as I recall, Brown is one of those schools that gives applicants signon information which allows them to check the status of applications online. Just don't panic if something doesn't show up right away. It takes schools a bit of time when lots of paper is coming in, to open things, file them appropriately, and enter the information into their computer. Every year people on CC panic when they think things should be shown immediately.</p>

<p>About your other two questions, I really can't say.</p>

<p>In my Son"s case, everything went to the GC who sent it all out-we never saw the recommendations and didn't provide envelopes. We gave the GC the application, resume etc. The only thing we had to do was send SAT and AP scores, and yes, you can check the status of things online. Some schools send a post card letting you know of things are complete. I can't answer your last 2 questions either, but I know my son took the AP Psych and he was told it all just added to his schedule of taking more advanced courses than just coasting his last year. I don't know the answer to # 3, but I would doubt it. Going ED is somewhat of an advantage, but don't do it unless you are 100% sure you want Brown and financial aid is not that relevant.</p>