Please help!!!! Regarding interview

<p>Since Harvard only offers interviews to Indian candidates after reading their application so even though my file is not complete ( Standardized scores missing ) could I have received an interview by now? </p>

<p>Or do colleges start reading applications even before they receive standardized test scores.</p>

<p>I received a very contradicting email from Harvard. First they say that they only offer interviews to applicants from whom they need further information.</p>

<p>Then they say that they do not need standardized test scores to offer interviews.</p>

<p>Here is the contradiction - Without standardized tests the application is incomplete and Harvard doesn't review incomplete applications so how can they know if they need further information from a candidate or not without reviewing the application.</p>

<p>Strange reply !!!! I am really confused on how does the international interview work after all.</p>

<p>if you really wanna have an interview try and find an education USA center. They have interviewers that can send reports to american unis.</p>

<p>What does Harvard college have to do with accepting interviews from EducationUSA? Are you implying that any Indian student can go to one of these centers, have someone write up something and then have it sent to Harvard to evaluate? Never heard of such a thing with any ivy school.</p>