please help! SAT IIs and CALS

<p>So far I've only taken the Bio SAT II and the Writing SAT II (took it in October and still haven't gotten my score!). I applied ED to the Communication major in CALS. 3 SAT IIs are recommended (but not required) for this you think it would hurt me to not take a third? I'm scheduled to take the math 2c this week but haven't started studying. should I just not take it and hope that 2 scores are fine?</p>

<p>also, my 2 scores aren't that good...on bio I got a 620, and in writing I'm expecting low 700s (hopefully the score will be in this week...). Will these two be enough, or is it typically expected that applicants take 3 sat IIs though it is not required?</p>

<p>Since you r early dec. i would def go ahead an take the other test, esp since ur grades were not that great</p>