Please help - SAT Writing problem!!

<li>Had the sound of children playing not [awakened him] when [they did], he would [in all probability] [have missed] his plane. </li>

<p>Answer: B (2nd one)</p>

<li>When governments intervene [on behalf of] favored businesses, [give] subsidies to corporations, [or] adopt supposedly business-friendly policies, [it violates] the principle of free market competition. </li>

<p>Answer: D (4th one)</p>

<p>I don't know why they are wrong...</p>

<p>Please help me out guys!</p>

<p>In the first one, “they” should be “it.” The pronoun refers to the singular noun “sound.”</p>

<p>In the second one, “it” is an ambiguous pronoun. Though we can understand what the word “it” means here (something like “the intervention”), it does not refer to any actual noun in the sentence.</p>

<p>Actually in the 2nd one the it seems vague, but i’d most likely connect it to “governments” because not the intervene violates but the governments do, so even if it wasn’t vague, it should be plural.</p>