Please help settle this stupid debate

<p>Okay</a> me and my friend have been fighting about if this book is fiction or nonfiction. Which is it?</p>

<p>PS it is a historical narrative</p>

<p>The plot description suggests that it is historical fiction.</p>

<p>Yeah... probably historical fiction.</p>

The Forgotten Awakening is not a novel, but a historical narrative designed to convey real people and events. By restoring a forgotten piece of spiritual history, perhaps we can appreciate more accurately God’s vision and purpose for America. To this end, Doug McMurry has studied published and unpublished journals, letters and oral histories, and has attempted to tell the story that emerges from them without adding fictitious characters or undocumented events. He traveled to the locales of these events to imagine them as accurately as possible—and the result is a story that will challenge our stereotypes of trappers, Natives, and missionaries—even of God.


this is the part that throws us off</p>

<p>^ That passage suggests that it is historical fiction but that the author made great attempts to limit the fictitious in favor of the historical.</p>

<p>Historical Fiction
He took real events and real letters from real people and filled in the blanks with what he thought was happening which would make it fiction.</p>

<p>CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! UHH! ok thanks guys....</p>

<p>Sigh...I thought this was a thread about the GOP debate. In which case, Gingrich is winning but it won't do him any good.</p>

<p>I still <3 Santorum.</p>

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