please help transfer!

<p>Hey, not a new CCer but I've been active in the last year and wanted to keep this separate so here goes. I wanted to apply in the fall for midyear transfer. I just finished my freshman year at a good school in NYC.</p>

<p>College Stats:
-gpa- 3.23 cumulative
-3.038 first term
-3.5 second term
(took high credit intro language course first sem.)
-History/ Art History double major with English minor

<p>High School Stats:
-went to top 20 private school in northeast
-graduated in top quarter of class
-doesnt release gpa, probably about a B+
- took 3 AP tests (2 AP classes), 4's on all tests</p>

<p>Testing Stats:
- 680 (math), 690 (cr), 770 (writing)
- took twice, only difference was math went up 20 pts second time</p>

<p>College EC's:
- golfer (9 handicap)
- Orientation Leader
- Board member of one club
- Completed selective leadership program at school
- Volunteered through the school throughout year
- summer volunteer with local elementary school 3-4 hours per week</p>

<p>High School EC's:
- member of varsity girls golf (won award)
- track and crew teams
- 50 hours volunteering H4H
- Leadership roles in 2 clubs</p>

- work 20 hour a week job in the city
- certified lifeguard, swim lessons every week
- volunteer with autistic children, about 25 hours a week in summer
- don't need financial aid</p>

<p>I know my gpa is low, I struggled with language when I fist got to college, but my grades are getting much better and should continue to get better in the fall. I hoped that an upward trend, good SAT's, strong extracurricular/ volunteer involvement, especially in leadership positions would help me. I really love Vassar so any advice would be welcome. Thank you!</p>

<p>With due frankness, it's looking like a stretch. Vassar has a 5-10% transfer acceptance rate (this year there were 10 slots for 275 apps), so grades and ECs have to be pretty impressive. Though the school you're currently attending may make a difference -- Columbia will give you a good advantage, NYU will put you on par, most others would make an uphill battle -- you'll want to consider adding something. Creating a group, engaging in a notable experience, or doing something else to set you apart is probably your best shot. Give it your all and hope for the best. But even if it doesn't, they've likely lost out. (-;</p>

<p>Thank you for the response! I am planning on adding safeties to the list, but Vassar has quickly become my number one choice. I want to be a high school teacher so I've started trying to focus my activities on that. I'm hoping to add more volunteer and non-volunteer tutoring activities over the summer and in the fall if I can fit it in.
Does being an athlete who could walk on to varsity make any difference in transfer acceptances?</p>

<p>Sorry for not getting back to you in any timely manner!</p>

<p>Possibly, yes. It's not going to be a <em>huge</em> addition to the application -- as a small liberal arts school, Vassar's focus isn't really on athletics -- but it may tip the scales in your favor. Assuming you're talking about playing golf, however, you ought to be aware that there's only a girls golf team. So if you're a guy, it might not help you out much.</p>

<p>Just as a note, though, Vassar's a great place both to get a teacher's certificate and to play some golf! The student rate at the Vassar Golf Course is $2 for 9 holes, and the Education department has one of the coolest study abroad programs ever -- teaching in the small community of Galway, Ireland.</p>

<p>No problem! I really appreciate the response.</p>

<p>I am a girl so I'd be joining the girls golf team. :)
That sounds great about the teaching program, I know a lot of schools don't offer undergraduate degrees so it's a big plus that Vassar does.</p>

<p>I'm setting up a mostly internet based free writing tutoring program this summer for entering high school students that culminates in a fundraiser for urban teachers. I would do the program regardless because I think it's a great use of my time, but would starting a program like that help my chances?</p>

<p>Any update? Its tough to transfer into Vassar.</p>