!!!PLEASE HELP: UCSD Chances! Thanks!!!

<p>GPA : 4.04 weighted, 3.79 non-weighted
SAT I 1450: 780 M 670 V
SAT II: 800 Chinese, 690 Chemistry, 620 Writing, 760 IIC
APs: Calc AB 4, Calc BC 4, Lang & Comp 3, Chemistry 4
Track, Cross-Country, one year of school newspaper
National-Merit Semi-Finalist (Finalist status pending)
100 hours of volunteering
Live in Los Angeles, California</p>

<p>What is an easy major to apply to SD?
What major do u guys suggest me to apply? (open to any major)
Is it true that UCs take my Chinese score without BIAS?</p>

<p>Thanks guys, your help is truly appreciated!!!</p>

<p>You are almost definitely in. I had a 800 on my chinese SAT II and I think they took it just fine. As a former politics major at UCSD, I am biased but its an awesome department. If you are into the sciences though or thinking about med school, you might want to look into Bio-engineering, Biology or Chemistry, all strong departments at UCSD.</p>