PLEASE HELP - Villanova decision

I have been struggling to come to the decision about whether I should do ED at Villanova. I feel like if I don’t do ED there, I will not be admitted; however, I’m scared I will regret going there. I am interested in going into business and am also looking at Santa Clara. Both are ranked about the same for their business schools. I am much more qualified at Santa Clara, so hopefully, I will be admitted with EA. I visited both schools and loved them. My concerns at Villanova would be that I would feel out of place, and that the courses will be much too challenging for me. I also know that Villanova isn’t very diverse. Although I am used to attending predominantly white schools, I don’t know exactly how welcoming the Villanova student body will be (I’m half Asian half Caucasian). Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you!

Based on your own words, the decision seems clear.
Apply EA to both schools and give yourself more time to research.
Fit is an extremely important factor for success. If you feel you “may not fit in,” or lthe classes will be too hard,” you will have nagging buyers remorse if you ED.